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Ok so William Fitzsimmons messaged me..

October 3, 2009

When i got home from work today (yup,got a part time job,bloody credit crunch.) I had a check through myspace mail and what do i find but a message from one my favourite songwriters William Fitzsimmons! It looked like this…

Amazing! prior to that message, like a total fanboy, I had sent him some art that he inspired, not really thinking he’d reply but why not eh? now I don’t really know what to say back!

I get quite alot of ideas from music actually, sometimes lyrics or phrases pop pictures in my noggin, this was one of them…

I got the idea from William song ‘Please forgive me(Song of the Crow)’ where the first line is “My demons walk with me…”  It’s a really nice song actually, one of my favs :)

Anyways, I’m going to get myself together and reply to this most unexpected message, for a peep at Williams music and my favourite song try his myspace.

In other news by band will be in rock sound magazine on wednesday so fingers crossed we get a good reveiw!

in the meantime have a good weekend!



Lets start with the art

July 16, 2009

As i am sure most people love to hear about my weekends,i am also sure most people reading this will like to know about my artistic habits.  After all that is the main purpose of this blog.

My most recent doodle was a present for someone special, who at the time i missed a bit.

I also included some lyrics from a greg laswell song.

 my dream I find it a bit funny that this is the first time i’ve included lyrics in a piece, half of the time my stuff’s been inspired by words in songs and things.


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