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Doodles of the day

March 26, 2010

Hello hope everyone’s well!

yes,I’m doing ok thanks, I’ve just been getting my head down and drawing my face off for this exhibition.

I’d just like to point out that although I haven’t been putting much new stuff up recently It’s because I’ve not been working on new stuff, oh no no no, It’s mainly because I don’t want my exhibition to be like one of those films where all the best bits are in the trailer!

so understandably I’m trying to hold back on putting a lot of new stuff up before the exhibition, but for those who can’t make it don’t worry I’ll be uploading everything after it’s finished :)

anyways here’s a couple for being so patient.

have a lovely day!



Another little Comic

November 4, 2009


Here’s another little comic I made today, It was for a college project, and as you can see ive done it digitally which isn’t usuall my usual medium but im quite happy of how it turned out!

And yea,I guess its along the same lines as chris ware’s stuff but i really liked the idea of an old man skydiving, you’re never too old yknow!


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