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Winter Adventures!

December 6, 2009


Hope everyone’s well and wrapping up warm. I must apologize for not updating this in a wee while I’ve been a bit of a hermit whilst getting work together for college and my Christmas commissions.
I had a little stall today in town, and it was absolutely lovely, i couldn’t have thought of a better to spend my Sunday afternoon than to have a gab with some crafty people and fellow robot fans, although unfortunately I had to say goodbye to some of my favourite pictures, including the zelda one :( !

But don’t worry i still have a good number of paintings left, most of which are in the lovely maisonette shop in the west end, don’t they look comfy!

Thats not all though there’s plenty more in the shop as well as an amazing mind boggling exhibition by my good friend Gary MacLennan who i previously posted about here.

Garys new exhibition is all about tiny people and their tiny lives, and to emphasize the point,the exhibition is actually all miniature and is to be viewed with a(given) magnifying glass!

Here’s me having a peek.

For more about the wonderful Maisonette and how to get there please look here

My work will only be there till thursday so hop-hop!

Just before I go i’d like to thank everyone who came along to mono today, I was totally flattered by the people who came to see me and stopped to say hi :)

Have a great weekend!



Garry MacLennan,My Favourite Photo Person.

August 12, 2009

I’d like to think if for whatever reason i put down all my pens,pencils and brushes etc and picked up a camera my art would come out a bit like Garys, He is a very good friend of mine and also one of my favourite photographers!

After getting to know him through craft markets etc we found we had quite a lot in common, mostly a love of robots and all things spacey.
After a lot of talking and careful planning me and Gary put on a joint exhibition in Glasgow named ‘Uninvited’ which would explore the ups and downs as life as a robot in the city.

It was a fantastic turnout and i have to say one of the big highlights of my year so far.

Anyway here are some of the photos!

Elderly Robot, Margaret, did you remember the messages list?

This was much more fun when she was here

Do you have to go out tonight i made steak pie

I love how they all have little stories in them, all with a little touch of humour.

Gary also sent me some of his newer works, which feature tiny plastic people,almost in a slinkachu style, going about their tiny lives.  I think the new stuffs amazing, especially the one with the sheep!

I know katy, i wish she was here too

imk just going to say hello, i wont scare them

For more on Gary and his photos check out his flickr and/or myspace.

Thanks for reading!


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