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Things about space that you probably didn’t need to know

January 13, 2012


Hope you are well and having a great new year!

As many of you know I get a little bit excited and giddy when I start blabbing about space, I usually get the space bug¬†periodicity¬†around the winter months when the skies are darker and there’s less daylight hours. Anyways I thought I’d make a few pictures about some of the wee bits I’ve learned so far about space and astronomy.

I hope you find them insightful!

Extra fact! The north star’s real name is ‘Polaris’.

Extra fact! In 5 million years our own sun will become a nebula, I am gutted I won’t be around to see it.

Extra fact! From a distance binary stars just look like normal stars, it’s not until you peer through a telescope you can see that it’s actually 2 stars really close together.


Well I hope you enjoyed my post, as always any feedback is more than welcome!

Take care!



The Escape.

October 26, 2009


For the past wee while, between college and band stuff, I’ve been happily working away on this.

It was actually a commission for my crafty friend Rebecca, When she came to me with the idea of two people flying into space in a hot air balloon i couldn’t say no, it was right up my street!

I love the idea of escaping away from everything, especially to outer space :)

Hope you like it!


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