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Picture Postcards Yes!

December 15, 2011


Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful festive time!

Just a short post here to say I’ve got some new postcards in my etsy shop. They look amazing and in my opinion are the perfect alternative to rubbishy Christmas cards.

The are sold in sets of 6 for £5 ($7).

In fact I’ll be sending some out myself! Look!


Also! If you’re thinking about getting the fabulous ‘How to be a Ghost’ book now is the time! Monday is the last day I’ll be shipping them, after that I can’t guarantee they’ll arrive before Christmas so go go go!

That’s all for today. If I don’t post up before Christmas I hope you all have a great one!

Take care!



Keep it in Writing

June 15, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are well, Today’s a wee bit of a special day, it marks the 1st birthday of this here blog! Hurrah! That’s right, for a year now I’ve been managed to keep spouting nonsense accompanied by messy doodles a child could do and still people keep reading it! So to mark this occasion I’d like to make a little competition, (if it can be called that).

See the thing is, I really like writing letters and postcards(as you can see above), though I think its becoming somewhat of a lost art, so for all the people who comment this post today I will personally write you a postcard (with my own art on it).

You don’t have to write back, although you’re more than welcome to, It’s really just a little thank you to everyone who’s supported me over the past wee while, Thanks :)

ok try me!



February 18, 2010

Hello everyone! hope your having a nice day :)

Just a quick little note to say I’ve popped some new postcards up on my etsy shop!

these little chaps are ideal for posting to friends near and far, and also for sticking on the wall or even in a frame!

they come in packs of 5 and every set comes with a free little drawing by me :)

Anyways, if you’d like some have a peep at my shop!

more stuffs soon!


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