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The Original Pimp My Ride

June 30, 2010

If I havn’t mentioned before, I’m a bit of a ghostbusters obsessive and every now and again this comes out in the odd picture. This time around I’ve focused on the amazing ecto-1, possibly my most favourite car in the world! It’s made from a souped up 1959 Cadillac hearse,in fact the rack they would roll the proton packs out on was originally used to carry bodies about, interesting!

Ok here’s my painting!

cool yea? I’m actually chuffed with it,I’m still weighing up whether or not to keep it or let it find a new home. anyways, as further proof of my ghostbuster love, I found this a wee while ago in an old photo album, it’s me (and all my friends) on my 4th birthday, and as you can see on the left is my prized and dearly missed ecto-1.

Well that’s it for today I’m afraid, can I just thank the nice people who wrote back in reply to my postcards, It’s such a relief to get mail from real people :)

take care!

(and yes, that is a ninja turtles cake).


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