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Under the Sea.

August 31, 2012

Hey everyone hope you’re all well, today I’m sharing a comic I did for my friends blog.


The blog is Suddenly Something Really Interesting which my good friend Garry runs as a webcomic about dealing with anxiety and other problems. I was asked to a guest post so this is what I popped out with, an autobiographical strip about one of my ‘off’ days.

Hope you like it and be sure to check out Garry’s blog!




January 2, 2010

more to come soon.


Night night Herman!

November 17, 2009

Hello space fans!

Today was quite a sad day, as many of you know I have a wonderful pet tortoise called Herman, he’s the bestest pet ever!

And as it’s now winter(where does the time go?) he has dozed off into hibernation and wont be getting up till spring time.
Here he is in his little box.

I find it quite fascinating that some animals can sleep for months at a time with no food or water, by the time Herman wakes up he wont have eaten for 6 months!

He’ll be missed dearly :(


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