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The Idea Of Safety

September 29, 2009


Hope everyones well!

Today I’d like to blab about a semi recent work called ‘the idea of safety’

I made this a few months ago and only just recently remembered how fond i was of it.

i miss it a bit actually!

It started off as a commission for someone, but as per i changed the subject to suit something i wanted to paint.

What i was trying to put across was the feeling of being safe and how outside dangers can enhance that, I’ve always loved the feeling of being in bed all cosy whilst there’s a thunderstorm or other kind of nasty weather going on outside.

I find it a bit romantic actually, thinking about it I actually met my girlfriend in a coffee shop while it was all snowy outside. magical!

if you liked the picture have a peek at kurt halseys stuff!

right that’s my blabbing for today,

Id just like to say a big thanks to everyone who made it along to made in the shade at the lighthouse gallery on Saturday, I had a great day and hope to do it again soon!

thanks for reading! take care!



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