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The Smiling Man.

March 11, 2011

I’m sorry blog.

I’m so sorry. I’ve left you un-updated for over a month and that is inexcusable. But not to worry I’m back now, I had a pretty weird couple of weeks and a lot of things changed but I’m back into a creative routine now so expect regular updates of my usual bits and bobs!

Today’s bit (or bob?) is straight out of my sketchbook at a point where I was trying to get back into a drawing habit.

It’s amazing what little things you can capture from bringing some paper and pens on a bus, I think it’s really nice how sometimes a total stranger can make your day.

see ya soon!


A picture of hope(from the dirt.)

July 18, 2009


I’d like to talk about one of my favourite paintings today,

not too long ago i parted with it at my college exhibition and then i realized how attached to it i was.

from the dirtThe idea for this painting came about late last year,my dad has lost his job through the recession and i lost my funding for my teaching job so as you can guess family were really struggling.

things got better though,my dad started up his own business, which is doing well and my art has been doing great,i had a big exhibition in April which was great and I’ve been busier then ever.

For me this painting is about things happening for a reason and that you can grow flowers from dirt.

There are prints of this in the making,ill keep you posted!


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