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Mixing it up

December 17, 2010


Remember mix tapes? They were cool eh? I remember making mix cds in school quite a bit, they were usually for myself because at that point I never had the patience to listen to full albums, but a couple of times me and my geeky pals would swap some, or I’d make one for the odd (yet to be weirded out) girl.

Well I miss them, I really do. So I was all too up for it when a close friend suggested we do a mix tape swap, not with each other but organising it to go round the Scottish music blog scene. And so far it’s going great! I got sent mine yesterday and after a few listens I’ve already found some new favourite songs and bands I’ll be checking out, in fact come to think of it I probably wouldn’t know a couple of my favourite bands if it wasnt for mix tapes.

Anyways here’s what mines looks like!

So yea, if you’re feeling inspired why not make one yourself, and give it to a friend, it might even count as a christmas present if you’re feeling cheap :P

take care nx


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