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Happy Birthday Herman!

May 5, 2010

As some of you may know I have a little pet, He’s called Herman and he’s a tortoise, he’s one of my closest friends and I guess he’s a bit of a mascot too.

Anyways It’s his birthday today, and he is 6! here is a little picture about our adventures.

there’s a bigger version here if you’d like to read all the bits, anyways i better go and start thinking about what I’m going to give him.

take care!



Doodles of the day

March 26, 2010

Hello hope everyone’s well!

yes,I’m doing ok thanks, I’ve just been getting my head down and drawing my face off for this exhibition.

I’d just like to point out that although I haven’t been putting much new stuff up recently It’s because I’ve not been working on new stuff, oh no no no, It’s mainly because I don’t want my exhibition to be like one of those films where all the best bits are in the trailer!

so understandably I’m trying to hold back on putting a lot of new stuff up before the exhibition, but for those who can’t make it don’t worry I’ll be uploading everything after it’s finished :)

anyways here’s a couple for being so patient.

have a lovely day!


Todays Findings..

February 12, 2010

Hello Spacefans! hope your well!

Today I was out and about and began to notice that some of the general public look a bit like animals, during my day I made a mental note of some before coming hope and drawing this picture.

In other news, my beatiful tortoise herman woke up from hibernation today :) here he is looking pretty confused!

Its nice to have him back :)

take care!


Night night Herman!

November 17, 2009

Hello space fans!

Today was quite a sad day, as many of you know I have a wonderful pet tortoise called Herman, he’s the bestest pet ever!

And as it’s now winter(where does the time go?) he has dozed off into hibernation and wont be getting up till spring time.
Here he is in his little box.

I find it quite fascinating that some animals can sleep for months at a time with no food or water, by the time Herman wakes up he wont have eaten for 6 months!

He’ll be missed dearly :(


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