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My Nice Weekend

August 16, 2010

Hello! how are you?

I’m afraid I don’t have any work to show today,or at least none worth showing but I had quite a big urge to update the blog so if you don’t want to know about my personal life look away now!

As most of you know I play in a band and one of my favourite parts of band life is getting to travel. So this week we were in Northern Ireland, which was totally brilliant! We met some really lovely people, saw some really cool places and basically just had a really good time, it felt really more like a holiday than a tour.

Anyhoo I’m not to great with photos but I did take one, It’s from when we went to the beach beside my friend Pauls house.

But as good as beaches, beer and gigs are, one of my highlights would be visiting Belfast’s massive forbidden planet comic shop! Yup it was 2 floors of sheer comic heaven, I even bought myself a ninja turtle to add to my toy collection.

He’s a limited edition Raphael designed by Artist  Geoffrey Trapp to mark the 25th anniversary of the ninja turtles. Score!

On a totally unreleated note, last month I met a giant tortoise, He was super cool and I felt like we made a connection.

Ok I promise I’ll have more interesting stuff to show next time, as much as you all probably love hearing me talk about my toys and favourite animals I’m sure my art is slightly more interesting, at least I hope so!

take care!



The Original Pimp My Ride

June 30, 2010

If I havn’t mentioned before, I’m a bit of a ghostbusters obsessive and every now and again this comes out in the odd picture. This time around I’ve focused on the amazing ecto-1, possibly my most favourite car in the world! It’s made from a souped up 1959 Cadillac hearse,in fact the rack they would roll the proton packs out on was originally used to carry bodies about, interesting!

Ok here’s my painting!

cool yea? I’m actually chuffed with it,I’m still weighing up whether or not to keep it or let it find a new home. anyways, as further proof of my ghostbuster love, I found this a wee while ago in an old photo album, it’s me (and all my friends) on my 4th birthday, and as you can see on the left is my prized and dearly missed ecto-1.

Well that’s it for today I’m afraid, can I just thank the nice people who wrote back in reply to my postcards, It’s such a relief to get mail from real people :)

take care!

(and yes, that is a ninja turtles cake).


My New Robot.

November 23, 2009


No new art today im afraid, just me (a 22 year old man) blabbing about my toys :)

Earlier this month my good friend(and band mate) Ben went to Japan, seeing a robotic opportunity i entrusted him with my weeks wages to bring me back a cool Japanese robot,and this is what came back!

It’s only a bloody golden gundam bot! ok so he’s not actually real gold but he’s amazing and fits in perfectly with all my wind up bots, transformers,star wars droids and early learning centre dinosaurs :)

That is all!


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