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Question time!

May 8, 2010

Hello Internets!

I’ve became a bit of a sheep and created a formspring but not for the usual reasons, see, I do get asked quite a lot of questions anyways like ‘Neil what paint do you use?’ or ‘Neil where do you get your mad ideas from?’ etc.
I think its a great wee place just for asking little things you normally wouldnt, I got a lot of great arty advice from Gemma Corrells and Marceline Smiths profiles, So I thought why not, maybe I can help some people out too.

So yea, if you have anything you’d like to ask fire away!

take care!


I Have Too Many Toys :/

October 1, 2009

It seems to be kind of an ‘In’ thing for artists to share with the public what their studio looks like or where they work from, well, my rooms a tip so I’m just going to show off my toy collection :)

yea i know im 22 and it’s a bit sad to have a toy collection but they do serve as somewhat of an inspiration and its handy for still life class to bring in a massive optimus prime rather than a moldy piece of fruit!
Along with optimus i have some more transformers,some original star wars robots,some wind up tin robots,an etco-1 model kit i painted and put together myself(totally geeky i know) a limited edition noferin toy (only 200 worldwide) some munnys, and some other bits and bobs if found or been given :)

I actually just recently got given a massive gundam robot from japan, unfortunately its in 200 bits and has no instructions,doh!

thanks for reading!


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