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See when I said…

July 14, 2011

… that I’d be doing more Zelda pictures, I meant it!

This is one of the more memorable scenes from Ocarina of Time when you leave the kokiri forest for the first time and have a touching goodbye with your childhood friend Saria. I know it’s not really close to the game art because I’ve left out the faces etc but I thought it helped make it look slighty more symbolic, almost timeless like a blurry memory.

In other news I’ve just been busy plodding along with commissions and doing bits towards a book in between them.

Also here’s a sloth playing a banjo!

I’ve also put a couple of new things in my etsy store if anyone fancies a look!

Take care!



Blurry Photos of Things Still to Come

June 11, 2010


Hope you’re having a nice day, I am! well to be honest I’ve been mega busy trying to finish college and keep on top of band stuff etc, anyways between stressing and working through to-do lists the size of my arm I had a little doodle to myself.

To be honest I’m not too sure where it came from, maybe it’s my subconscious longing for some freedom or maybe even a bit of neil time over the summer.

Anyways here’s hoping!

p.s I’m thinking of getting prints made of it, what do you think?

Take care!


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