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The Perfect Role Model

July 21, 2010

During my painting sprees I like to put on a film in the background, nothing that requires much thought or much of a plot to follow so my best bet is zombie films!

My favourites are from the golden age, where there was no cgi, just stop motion, good makeup and puppets, so yesterday I went through the whole Evil Dead trilogy and by the end I felt like paying a little homage, and here it is! I actually can’t believe I havn’t made a little tribute before, I mean, the guy’s got a bloody chainsaw for a hand, and then in Evil Dead 3 he gets a robot hand, a bloody robot hand!

If that’s not cool I dont know what is!



Ive been thinking about zombies today..

March 12, 2010

It all started at around 10am this morning on the subway, and as i looked around my carriage I noticed that everyone else looked like the living dead on their way to the dentist.

Whilst holding this thought I also came to think about what Id do in a zombie situation, i know some people have elaborate plans where they acquire guns and make weapons from lawnmowers, I on the other hand would happily wait it out in my loft with a big bat :)

Do you have a zombie plan?

If so lets hear it!


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