Nintendo Power!

Hello! How’ve you been keeping?

I’ve been busy painting the last few days and would like to share my new pictures :) I’ve been lacking slightly in inspiration for the past wee while, I guess nothing all that interesting has been happening, so I thought to myself, what used to inspire me when I was a lil’ un? and of course it was computer games!

So I started off with my all time favourite series Zelda! Here’s Link, he’s found a triforce.

It’s based on the concept art for the first nes game where all the characters were a bit more cartoony which fortunately lent itself quite nicely to my style.

But It didn’t stop there! here’s a magic mushroom,they make mario grow big.

And so no mushroom is left out, I also painted a 1-up!

I’d love to do more stuff like this, but obviously I don’t want to turn into ‘that nintendo guy’ im only just getting over being commonly known as ‘the robot guy’ I do love it though, I remember reading my first school report card which went something like ‘Neil could go far if he spent less time doodling video game characters on his jotter and more time on his work’ and that was pretty much the same right through to secondary school :P

Alright I’ll stop geeking out now.

take care!



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3 Responses to “Nintendo Power!”

  1. Claire Says:

    Those are amazing Also… I used refer to you as the robot guy =( I is sorry. is your Zelda painting for sale?

  2. aldriana amir Says:

    waw, i like the painting of zelda and the mushroom too. Cute, cute, cute! :D

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